Anabolic steroids and Their Impact on Athletes

Some athletes use some form of steroids known as anabolic steroids  and have other common names, such as steroids, steroid steroids, and hormones.The anabolic steroids are similar to Testosterone, the main male steroids that are mainly produced by the male body. Testosterone has two types of effects on the body:

– Anabolic steroids effects to promote muscle building.
– Androgenic effects; responsible for male qualities, such as the appearance of facial hair, and coarseness of the voice.

Steroids, as well as muscle amplification, help to recover from hard exercise more quickly by reducing the muscle damage that occurs during exercise, allowing athletes to exercise harder.
Steroids used by athletes are manufactured illegally to mimic the synthesis of testosterone, but the Food and Drug Administration has not yet approved them, posing a health risk.

Why are steroids illegal as supplements?


Steroids are drugs that are taken illegally, over-the-counter, and are often used to increase muscle volume, strength and reduce recovery time. Permitted dietary supplements do not cause such radical changes in the body. Because they contain components that are not approved by control, steroids are not considered dietary supplements. They contain synthetic steroid steroids or steroid-like active ingredients, and are thus considered unsafe, with a high risk of being harmful as well. In addition to the above, disinformation is practiced by the manufacturers of these steroids, since the data and instructions contained therein do not reflect the components they contain, and do not give sufficient health guidance to the user. In other words, the athlete must be convinced that these vehicles will not replace the hard work place and healthy habits to build the body muscles properly.

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The most important types of steroids used

There are various types of anabolic products on the market that are offered based on their contribution to body building or marketed as products similar to steroids (such as testosterone). The following list includes steroids that fall under these products:
Anadrol – Anavar – Nandrolone – Dianabol – Dianabol – Equipoise – Masteron – Primobolan – Sustanon – Testosterone Cypionate – Testosterone Antanthate – Testosterone Propionate – Testosterone Suspension – Ternbolone Acetate – Winstrol and cholesterol.


There are no scientific guidelines for the use of steroids by athletes, which have led to different methods of use. These steroids are often taken by injection either intravenously (for direct intervention in the bloodstream) or muscle. There are also products in the form of oral pills, or skin creams. Although these drugs can be addressed individually, some athletes take them in more complex ways:

Cycling: In which the doses are taken for a period of time, then abstain from taking another period, then the athlete will then take them again, and so on.

Pyramiding: The dose is increased slowly and repeatedly until the peak (highest dose), and the dose is gradually reduced.

Stacking: Two or more different types of steroids are combined.
The three modalities share the possibility of taking doses that exceed those described for medical cases by 10 to 100 times.

Negative results of anabolic steroids

As mentioned earlier, athletes are taking doses higher than the limits of the range of 10 – 100 times, which includes many risks, especially as the process that affects the steroids on the body is complex and stimulates certain parts of muscle cells, which in turn increase the production of proteins Which is one of several chemicals associated with increased muscle mass.
There are two types of negative effects on men and women, which are short-term effects and long-term effects, and we will review these two sections as follows:

Short-term effects

– In men: low sperm count, baldness, erectile dysfunction, enlarged prostate, difficulty urinating or accompanied by pain.
– In women: small size of breast, and growth of hair excess.
– In men and women: acne, fluid retention, rapid increase in weight, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, insomnia, headache, decreased sexual performance, increased muscle mass, swelling of the feet and ankles, the appetite improved significantly.

Long-term effects

– In men: breast prolapse, infertility, testicular atrophy, liver disease and cancer.
– Women have: coarseness of voice, clitoral enlargement, absence or spacing of menstrual periods.
– In men and women: disorders in blood clotting, heart attacks and early strokes, stunting of adolescents, increased risk of tendonitis, liver disorders, tumors, increased LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, and mental disorders such as depression, hallucinations and delusions. (Anger and violence), and drug addiction. Injection: The risk of bacterial infections, abscesses, hepatitis and HIV / AIDS.

Does Steroids Cause Addiction?

Steroids have addictive effects that vary from person to person. Each user experiences special and different feelings when using steroids and then leaves them. When a person chooses to stop using them, he or she will experience a variety of withdrawal symptoms associated with addiction. It may include mood swings, fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite, decreased sex drive, depression, and the desire to take more steroids. Although the scientific evidence of steroid addiction is low compared to other drugs such as cocaine or heroin, the development of dependence on its users and its negative consequences are very clear and are confirmed signs of drug and drug addiction.

And the question remains in the end, do athletes really need supplements or steroids ?!
Athletes, in particular, need supplements as a result of physical exertion resulting from exercise that increases the nutritional needs of their bodies, and depletes the electrolytes and vitamins that can play a vital role for athletes. However, athletes should not make these supplements a substitute for hard training and healthy diet, and consider how to make these products complementary to these efforts. Supplements are legal and taken orally as capsules, pills or powders, and do not cause changes Radical in the body.
Steroids are illegal, do not meet safety and health standards, are banned by most sports organizations and cause many health risks, as mentioned earlier.
We must not forget that professional athletes should talk to trainers, doctors and nutritionists about the types of supplements they can eat.

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