5 Easy Ways To Build Muscle After 50


Build Muscle After 50


If you are planning to build muscle after 50, I appreciate you it’s a good step. the reason behind this is so many Americans with age of 50’s falling victims to heart diseases. only slow metabolism is the cause of heart diseases in them. The important thing here is with the age rate of metabolism also decreases, but I tell you a secret ” The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism is. To start building muscle after the fifties never forget your doctor. Consult him and make a safe diet plan and safe mass muscle workout plan.
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Stop Messy Running Do Squats

If you running a lot please waiting that time. Yeah, its true and not a joke. Might be you are habitual of little or more running. But here we are talking about building muscle after 50, no normal fitness. 
More running provides some aerobic benefits but for me, it has more losses than profits. The repetitive jarring to your joints createinflammationon, and that inflamation needs time and energy. Also some little running causes some small injuries on ligaments that take even days to heal. 
Now if you are running on your first day, lifting weight on second day. You are are lifting weight with weak ligaments. This will lead to some contraproductive problems. It means you are damaging more than you are building. 
One other fact is that in running your legs perform veryshort motion which have a minimal stimulus to build leg muscles. So instead of running perform  a full squat. See video below.                 
Believe me you will see a dramatic change when you perform squats. That difference means you will build more muscle mass even after fifty’s. But do not tottaly stop running as is also good.
Sprinting A magical Way
Sprinting is a perfect, strength building exercise. If you look up any sprinter, they are mascular and strong. One secret benefit of sprinting is it increases efficiency of your exercise. You can run six to eight 40 yard sprints in twelve minutes or so. If you calculate equivalent runnung it takes about one hour. It saves your precious time.
Now if you are a long distance runner. Try this change. You will feel more muscle growth in your body compared to running.


1. Limit your distance running to once a week – 45 minutes as 
2. Add a sprint day to your workout – 15 to 20 minutes
3. Add two lifting days separated by at least 24 hours – 25 to 30 minutes each
4. You could lift on Mon & Thurs (pm)
5. Sprint on Tues or Wed
6. Run distance on Sat (am)
This will let your body recover from long running workouts which on are sat and MON. If you want to start building muscle after 50, this is a perfect plan just execute it.

Prefer Lifting Heavy Weights

This is main factor if you want to build muscle after 50. Lift weights, and go heavy. Always try to lift more and more heavey weights.
This is offtenly called resistance training. This training stimulates your body to release testosterone and Human growth harmone naturally. Both harmones are essential for muscle growth.
Lifting heavy never means start from 20 pounds. Start from a small weight. As you go stronger, lift more and more heavy weight. Also try to perform different movements to target spacific muscles.
Let me illustrate with an example. If you are starting with normal push up workout. then gp for more advance push up like overhead pressing or even with mixed weightoverhead pressing by using weights from 10 – 15 kg.
The main factor is to overload your muscles enough to cause some minor muscle breakdown. More strength and muscle mass will be acquired during muscle repair and recovery.
Lift heavy things using basic compound movements or sometimes called the 5 Human Movements
Squat and
Here are some more tips to build muscle without weights.

Be eating Champion

Eat just like a champion. Suitable nourishment is actually the base of every muscle building program. And taking adequate quality protein is an basic need for building muscle mass.
It does not matter if you run, lift, play tennis or hike in the mountains as your basic workout, you’ll not accomplish optimal growth without proper food for energy.
For muscle-building particularly, you need good sources of protein for muscle repair and good sources of energy (carbs and fats) to keep your body running. Aim for 1 g of protein for each pound of lean body mass (LBM).
Following foods are really helpful if you want to build muscle after 50.
*Sweet potatoes instead of cereal
*Piles of fresh veggies instead of bread
*Avocados and olive oil instead of corn or soybean oils
*Real fruit and not fruit juie
*Quinoa instead of traditional grain based carbs (wheat primarily).
This assures you’re well-nourished to build muscle and maintain energy levels without being primed to store fat as a effect.
This is an oversimplification but high carbohydrate diets generally boost fat storage. High fat diets (good, healthy fats) tend to enhance an effective, fat-burning, muscle-building body. Effective fats are from natural sources e.g meat, eggs, fish, fowls, nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut oil and olive oil.
There is nah illusion here. It is exactly that stinky carbs are addictive and not really satisfying and so you will finish up consuming more overall calories as they are a important part of your diet.
And the opposite is also true. Good fats tend to be extremely satiating and then you will consume less overall calories when consuming healthy, filling foods.

Sleep like a baby

Try to sleep more and more, 7-9 hrs a night whenever you can.During sleep your body repairs itself and build your muscle tissue during rest, proper relief facilitates you to mitigate high cortisol levels. Cortisol is a internal secretion liberated in response to stress. It’s a part of your fight or flight reaction mechanism but in your chronically stressed environment today, has become ever-present in your body.
When cortisol levels increases, testosterone and HGH will fall. You can’t hold an effective muscle-building environment within your body with increased levels of cortisol. So manage your stress in any case you are able to. One certain way to help is getting adequate sleep.

Building Muscle After 50

If you are a hard-core distance runner and want to build muscle, understand this may be a bit counterproductive. Trade in some run workouts for lifting and sprinting. And go as heavy as you can in the gym.
Workout with a proven strategy that will guarantee results. Know what you’re doing. Anything works for a few weeks but to get consistent results over a longer period, use a workout like this one.
Focus on a quality diet that provides protein for muscle repair and good carbs and fats for fueling your body. Control your stress with adequate sleep and you are on your way to a more muscular, fitter you.

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