The 4 types of compound workouts for your upper body you must know

You want to pump up your upper body muscles.

You want to make strong your upper body muscles.

And you want to obtain your desired results pretty fast.

What types of compound workouts should you do?

Some experts will tell you to run and do swimming.

Some experts will suggest you a diet.

What things and opinions really work?
Well don’t worry. We will tell you the 4 best compound workouts in this article that will shape your upper body and will make it strong and beautiful. So if you really want your upper body to be strong then this is the must-read article for you.

Why compounds workouts?

The compound workouts are the best workouts not only for the upper body but also for lower body as well. The compound workouts are those which involve more than one parts or joints of your body during a workout. So by this way, more of your body parts get the exercise they need and more parts of your body get a chance to lose the fat. The losing of weight or gaining of more muscles becomes easier by doing the compound workouts rather than isolation workouts. Now that you know that the compound workouts are the best. It’s the time to discuss those 4 types of workouts for your upper body.

The 4 types of compound workouts for your upper body

Sometimes the body builder did many isolation workouts that they don’t get enough results from that to pump their upper body properly. Then they focus on the upper body and again do it all wrong. They try to lift dumbbells or do one Arm Front Cable Raise. These exercises are good but compound workouts are the next level workouts. These compound workouts make more parts of your upper body to work together.  These are the best types of compound workouts.
·         Horizontal Push
·         Horizontal Pull
·         Vertical Push
·         Vertical Pull
Let’s discuss it one by one.

Horizontal Push compound workout for your upper body

The horizontal push workouts involved all the exercises in which you lift the weight in the way that goes upright from your chest while you are lying on the bench.  These horizontal push workouts are the fantastic to adding size and thickness throughout the chest and triceps. The exercises in this category are:
         The Low incline bench press
         The Decline bench press
         The low chest press machine

Horizontal Pull compound workout for your upper body


    The horizontal pull is the kind of exercise in which you lean down a little bit and pull the weight towards the chest. This kind of exercise is kind of opposite to the horizontal press but in this exercise, your legs muscles are also involved. So these workouts strengthen your legs muscles as well. The exercises in this category are:

   ·         The Bent Over Rows
   ·         The Seated Cable Rows
   ·         The T-Bar Rows
   ·         The Chest Supported Machine Rows

Vertical push compound workout for your upper body
The vertical push is kind of exercise in which you lift the weight in the order that weight goes away from your shoulder in the up direction against your head or in that way. In this exercise that you lift the free weight without back support really build your muscles. In this exercise, you not only involve the shoulder muscles but also the triceps, biceps, your back and many more small muscles. This exercise is also very helpful for your leg muscles to strengthen it. The exercises in this category are:
       The Standing Overhead Shoulder Press
  ·         The Seated Overhead Shoulder Press
  ·         The Lateral Raises
  ·         The Front Raises
  ·         The High Incline Bench Press

   Vertical Pull compound workout for your upper body

The vertical pull workouts are those in which you pull the weight towards your shoulder and towards your head.  This exercise is very helpful for upper body because it involves your back, biceps, and triceps. In this exercise, you pump up your biceps, back, and triceps from different angles which the best thing. The exercises in this category are:
    ·         The Pull-Ups
    ·         The Chin-Ups
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