How Long Does It Take To Build Muscle For Beginners

If you are asking how long it takes to build muscles its same like asking how long does it take to get from Las Vegas to Texas. If you are going by car it will take more time, but if you are one a private airline it will be faster enough.It totally depends on your goals, your training, and your diet.

It means there is no answer to question “How long does it take to build muscle”. There are some plans and guidelines you can follow and by checking things properly we can estimate accurate time to build muscle. But the results are always up to you. If you are more dedicated to building your muscle you will get faster results. Here is the proper guide by which you can estimate you time to build muscles. 

Gender Matters

The fist factor is your gender. There many things differences in internal structures of males and females. As building muscle is concerned men can build muscle much faster than women. This is because men have larger testosterone reserves and also have more ability to produce growth hormone.For this reason, bodybuilding is 3 times slower than females.

Proper Training

Your muscle will build only in certain conditions. This is very complicated to understand because even men can not build muscle faster, without proper training, workout, and diet. you can pick up some ideas from my latest article Fastest Way To Build Muscle.

The first and important part is to be stuck with your training. More and longer you do workout faster you will build muscle. The second is you have to push your body to its limits. If you do not fatigue your muscles, they will not grow. It’s kinda simple you have to damage your muscles so that they can build some mass to repair themselves.

Time To Start
If you want to build some serious mass in your muscle you must push yourself for at least six months. Most people want immediate results. Probably they have seen some advertisements of anabolic steroids which claims to gain 10-20 Ibs in just a single month. In my opinion, this is impossible in reality. When you start you are not going to gain even a single pound in the first month. It’s not bad, it’s because your brain set ups the muscle to break down and grow in a rhythm.

After a month you will see changes in your body. Your muscle will tone up, your blood flow will increase and your muscles will be larger and leaner. You can also read my this article if you don’t have time for gym Build Muscle Without Weights.

Building Muscle Fast

If you want to get learn the fastest way to build muscle, you have to understand the frequency and intensity of a workout. Split your workout in such a routine that you workout one muscle group on a day and other on the second day. This will give your muscle time to repair and build some mass. Here is the famous split routine program.

Workout on your lower body back and biceps twice a week probably Monday and Thursday. Your chest, triceps, and shoulders two days a week on Thursday and Friday. In this way, you will get proper time to rest. This kind of training will build muscle the fastest; at least, as opposed to random weight lifting.
 You can also learn Basics Of Muscle Building and Strength Training from my this post.

Proper Diet

You must understand this most important part of this article. Diet plays a huge role in muscle building. You must have to increase intake of calories if you want to increase muscle mass. A general rule of thumb is to add 500 calories to your daily intake, preferably in the form of foods high in protein (chicken, eggs, whole grains, etc.).

You can also eat some healthy food by taking an idea from Best Foods to Help You Build Lean Muscle.

Recovery Stage

Recovery is a very important stage in muscle building. In the recovery stage, you have to give your body time and diet to repair and build new muscle. For this, you need at least 10 hours of sleep and you should be stress-free. it perfectly means just relax, sleep, and let your body do the rest.

How Long Does It Take To Build Muscle?

After your first month just adjust your workout routine. If you are eating well and doing rigorous exercise you can gain 1-2 Ib in a month on average.

It seems to be disappointing to ga gain 1-2 Ib in a month, but I already told you that strength training requires commitment to stuck with it. If you workout for six to seven months, you can add a maximum of 12- 14 Ib’s of new, lean muscle. After a year, that number jumps to twelve to twenty-four pounds. Even twelve pounds of muscle will result in an enormous gain in strength, probably far greater than you can imagine. This kind of weight gain in one year can take a beginner’s bench press of 135 lb. deep into the 200 lb range.

Some More Pieces of Advice

One more thing you must know is muscle building decreases as you get bigger. Your body is designed for definite growth. You can generally gain half as much muscle with each passing year. 

Generally, if you keep pushing your body your body will certainly give you results. Although if you are aged you can check out my guide on 5 Easy Ways To Build Muscle After 50.

Reality Beyond Building Muscle

There are a few realities to know about. You may believe will stay with your exercise schedule, yet the chances are so far against you. It’s really pitiful pondering what number of individuals stopped before they pick up a solitary pound of muscle. 

In case you’re a normal individual, you won’t most recent six months. I’m not attempting to deter you, in reality, you should utilize this data as inspiration, yet it’s quite recently the way it is. Set sensible objectives. Realize what’s in store. Exercise to get sound and solid, not to have lopsidedly huge biceps. Joining an exercise center will go far in urging you to exercise, as well.

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