Guide To Choose Best Muscle Building Supplements

What are Muscle Building Supplements and how can it help you achieve your goal?

The word “Muscle Building Supplements” is clear from its name. They are vitamins, herbs, minerals, amino acids or food alternatives to complement your diet. If you first need a diet suitable for your goals, look for a product to supplement this system.

Supplements are quite different from hormones and medications. Most natural supplements are derived from natural food, or manufactured to mimic the work of amino acids or certain vitamins. To take advantage of supplementation, you should have a shortage of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that you get from your diet.

Vitamins, minerals and omega – 3

Vitamins, minerals and omega-3 supplements are among the most widely ignored by bodybuilders in the world, and most importantly. Because of the poor and uncontrolled farming practices in all over the world, most vegetables and fruits are free of many vitamins and minerals necessary for weight loss and muscle building. 

There are also many who do not eat vegetables from the ground and there are those who follow a diet low in calories and can not meet the needs of the body of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B12, for example, is essential to digest carbohydrates and maintain the integrity of the nervous system associated with muscles. Biotin is essential for the representation of amino acids and vitamin B 2 is essential for the representation of fatty acids, etc. These are just simple examples of the sea benefits of vitamins for health and slimming and muscle increase.Theses all are muscle building supplements.

The most popular types recommended by my interns are Opti-men, Centrum and Animal Pak. But there are many other types of muscle building supplements available, and their price varies according to quality.

Weight gain supplements

Weight gain supplements are one of the most common supplements around which there are many fallacies and rumors. What are Weight Gainers? They are food alternatives that contain a large amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates, carbohydrates and other amino acids such as glutamine and creatine.

In order for a person to gain weight, he / she should eat more calories than his / her daily needs. There is no other way . If your daily calorie intake is 2,600 calories, you should eat at least 3000 calories. If the food you eat + your supplemental calories is less than your daily caloric needs , you will never increase your weight.

The fat person can also lose weight while taking supplements to gain weight. If a person has daily needs, for example, 2600 calories and supplementing weight gain such as Sirias Mas, but the total daily calories were 2000, he would lose fat easily and comfortably. A supplement like Serias Mas may also help him perform iron exercises more vigorously, increasing his muscles and raising metabolic rates.

Do weight gain supplements lead to fat gain?

You also have phrases, such as aloe-protein increases the pure muscles, and Serias Mas increases muscle and fat! Increased fat and muscle depends on your training system and the amount of calories you eat. As you eat higher calories than your needs without any training, all weight gain will be fat, no matter what type of supplement. If you need calories, 2600 calories, for example, and you have 5000 calories, there will be a big increase in fat. If you take only 3200 calories and commit to a strong training program, you will be most likely to increase muscle mass.

So, increasing your fat and muscle depends on the amount of calories you eat and your training system. And not the type of supplement or the proportion of fat or the proportion of carbohydrates.

One of the most popular types of weight gain supplements in the US market is serious mass, Pro complex gainer , True Mass, Russian Bear, up your mass.

Protein supplementation

Every protein is used to form bones, skin, nails, hair, muscles, and cells. Protein also plays a major role in the production of all enzymes important to the body. Eating protein stimulates the body to form amino acids, build muscles and destroy muscle wasting for long hours. Protein is one of the essentials of life, such as water, oxygen, and essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6).

Protein supplementation is a protein extract from food (milk and eggs mainly). Such as protein, protein protein, egg protein, soy protein, protein, etc. are different from amino acid supplements, which are in their free form (some protein digestion). But when you take a supplement of essential amino acids or a whole protein, you need a special article.

How much protein does a bodybuilder need?

This is also a topic of great controversy and needs an article of its own. But the maximum amount claimed by some studies is 2.2 grams protein per kg of fat-free player or the so-called LBM. And you can calculate it here .

For example : a trainee weighing 80 kg and a body fat percentage of 10%, that is, fat weight 8 kg. If the mass of non-fat muscle mass is 72 kg * 2.2 = 160 g protein is needed. More than this is preferred to those who follow a low-calorie diet, because the body burns some protein to get energy at times.

And 160 grams protein does not mean 160 grams of beans or 160 grams of chick. But 100 grams of chick contains 30 grams protein and 100 grams of beans containing 14 grams protein. But of course, most of your source of animal protein (white meat) is preferred. You can take an idea of protein grams in 100 grams of food from here .

The apprentice in the example needs 160 grams of protein. What if you eat 90 grams of protein and eat one protein (25 grams) protein? A total of 115 grams of protein per day. Even if you eat 2 scopes (50 grams of protein), you have a total of 140 grams of protein. I mean barely approached his needs.

Yes alway protein may have benefits to take after exercise, but there is a lot of controversy about this point. But in order to benefit from a protein supplement, you must meet your protein requirements first.

Aloe-protein is not a supplement that increases muscle by magic. And the speed of absorption will not differentiate in anything if your diet is poor in protein in terms of quality (animal protein) and quantity.

Other information , a liter of fat-free milk with more than 25 grams of protein plus casas. And this is what I take after the exercise at times.

Amino Acid Supplements

Amino acids are organic molecules that are protein. And are divided into essential amino acids and they are 9 acids which are the body can not form and must be obtained from an external source (food). And non-essential amino acids that the body can manufacture inside. The source of amino acids is food protein, from meat, eggs, dairy and pulses. Knowing that the vegetable protein does not contain all the essential amino acids.

Amino acid supplementation is only the extract of amino acids from food. There is a common belief that the word amino = tonic or hormone. So ask questions if the amino acid is harmful to the liver and kidneys and causes infertility, etc. All this is empty talk. And the problem is that there are people who think that people with muscle mass in the body received this body of tablets 2 mg of amino acids. This is also a false belief. writes on amino acid supplements such as amino 2222 and BCAA that may help speed muscle healing, build and improve performance in the gym. This is because many studies have proven that these muscle building supplements are ineffective as long as you address your daily protein needs.

But on the other hand, there are other acids, such as creatine and beta-alanine. Studies and personal experiences have proven to be very effective in building muscle and increasing strength. And the complementary ones I advise their trainees to eat them. And there are amino acids help to sleep calm, such as melatonin. Amino acid helps treat depression such as tryptophan, etc.

Eat amino acids that are difficult to obtain in large amounts of food such as beta-alanine, creatine, taurine, tryptophan and melatonin. Amino 2222 and BCAA and glutamine are less important than them.

So these all were muscle building supplements that you have to choose for building your muscle. Now you have to choose wisely as according to your needs.

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