Best Foods to Help You Build Lean Muscle

build lean muscle

Everybody wants a healthy body for a simple reason; your body is the only place you have to leave in. The healthier it is the safer your life is. We can’t take chances with our health. That’s why people resort to regular workouts and carefully chosen diets to keep their bodies lean and ripped. The need for lean muscle cannot be exaggerated. When we build lean muscles, blood gets to flow freely through the veins flushing out the toxins which could otherwise make you sick.

The ideal diet plan to help you build lean muscle needs to be carefully selected, if possible, with the help of a professional. Generally, it should be rich in calories and revolve around a balanced diet. Although calories, carbs, fat and protein content of the diet generally boost gain, they are vital aspects of the eating plan to develop lean muscle.

Basics of a Lean Muscle Nutrition


A moderate calorie intake together with macro-nutrients like fat, carbs and proteins will go a long way in keeping the muscles healthy. Proteins are important nutrients for repair of damaged muscle tissues while fats provide the energy to keep hormones active. Carbs on the other hand are essential for high energy training and keeping the body’s frame in perfect shame. In case you are having an issue with building body mass, taking the appropriate amount of the right type of food can be a valuable solution to preventing any further gain of body mass.

Pick the Right Protein and Fruits

Body building foods have different protein contents so they can be used to achieve different outcomes. Eggs for instance, eggs are not just for breakfast, they work well at developing the muscle fares. Eggs contain high quality proteins, a great deal of vitamins, a plenty of vitamins and vital fats. However, chicken or turkey breast contains more nutrients than the eggs and would give leaner muscles.
Another option would be salmon. It gives better results on muscles than other low-fat fish like cod or tuna. The fats in salmon translates to high amounts of calories and the calories are necessary for day-to-day activities and workouts all of which help in muscle development. Besides, it contains a healthy omega 3, calcium for bone-development and vitamin D too.  

Fruits are rich in carbohydrates, fiber and vitamins. Fruits are natural sources of these nutrients so you don’t have to worry about any side effects. High calorie fruits include cranberries, bananas and pineapples. For best results, the fruits should be paired with cereals.

Get the fats right

Building lean muscle needs good amounts of monounsaturated fats. A common source of these fats are nuts. Most nuts have high amounts calories. Another ideal source of the dense calories would be olive oil. Just a table spoon of olive oil contains more than 120 calories.
I hope you found this post insightful and that it has shade some light on what foods can help you attain the lean muscles you’re yearning for. However, the foods alone may not be quite effective but when combined with workouts and healthy eating habits the muscles would get lean faster. Feel free to share with us your experience building lean muscles.


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