5 Perfect Techniques To Build Arm Muscles Fast

Build Arm Muscles

Have weak arms? Do you want big muscular arms? Yes its time now to make your self stronger. You can workout with proper strategies, and get results within a month or two. Most people want big biceps and triceps in their arms.  Here is the proper techniques by which you can build arm muscles. Many people fail because they just workout hardly and don’t take care of proper plans.

They just make their arms more weaker.  The other common mistake is improper intake of food and protein. You must eat proper food and sleep like a baby, to let your muscles take time to build. One more thing is that you must not avoid other muscles during building arm muscles.

build arm muscles

Plan A Tough Routine

If you want to build powerful arms you must start with weightlifting, and some upper-body exercises. Weightlifting is best exercise for building muscles but for arm muscles there is no proper  way, you must understand your body  and implement things for better results. You can also follow following things for you easiness. 

1. Lift weights at least 5 days a weak. For other two days take rest or do some cardio exercises.
2. Avoid exercising same muscle daily. Muscle needs time to repair micro injuries and grow. You must give time to muscles for proper growth.
3. Don’t just focus on your arms. Think if you have muscular arms but messy legs, it will look like a bizarre.  So you must also exercise your core and legs during rest days.

 Workouts To Build Arm Muscles

Here are the proper workout which you can follow for building arm muscles. Remember do not add more to these workouts otherwise it will harm you.

Workout For your biceps

When it comes towards show off biceps are important because they are easy to see. But one thing that is worth knowing that biceps are not strongest muscles in upper-body. They are just important for doing some tasks like lifting weights.  Here are some workout which will help you to build arm muscles in biceps.

Dumbell Curls

Hold a barbel or dumbbell in both hands at your waist with underhand grip. Now lift the weight up to your chest level carefully and keep your elbows tucked at the sides, lower it. Perform reps.

Hammer Curls


Hammer curls targets the long head muscles which are responsible for peak or growth on upper arm. This growth really shows that you have build arm muscles. Perform this exercise same as previous but just position the dumbells so that your pals are facing each other and not underhand grip. Your motion should be slow. Perform reps. For further info See biceps article on wiki.

Workout For your Triceps


Triceps have much more important in building arm muscles and strength. You must give more and more attention to your triceps if you want bigger muscular arms. So for building your triceps here are some perfect exercises:  


To perform dips take support of two bars or edge of a bench by using your arms. Now move yourself slowly where your upper arms are level with the floor, then lift yourself back up without twisting or jerking. Perform reps.

Triceps Extensions

Stand up, hold a dumbell in both of your hands behind your head. Your elbow must be bent near sides of your head. Lift the dumbbell up and over your head, taking care not to hit the back of your head. Lower the weight back to the starting position. Repeat it.

Train Your Shoulders


If you have muscular shoulders you will look attractive. Besides this shoulder muscles are very important for tasks like lifting and throwing. Here are some exercises that will help you.

Overhead lifts


This is a full-body exercise which targets shoulders hips, legs and back also. TO perform this exercise stand with a weighted barbel in front of you. Perform deadlift raise your body up to chest level. Your moves must be controlled. Perform repeats.

Military Presses


Sit down lift a weighted barbel up to your chest level with a overhead grip. Now slowly raise the weight in front of your face and up over your head. Lower the bar to roughly chin level and repeat.

Lateral Dumbbell Raises


Stand up and hold dumbbell in each hand. Slowly raise your arms in an arc out to your side, leading with your elbows. When your arms are roughly parallel to the flow, slowly lower them back down and repeat. You may angle your arms forward or backward to work the front or back of your shoulders.

Don’t Forget Your Chest


I know you are interested to build arm muscles and not in chest muscles but believe you will look even more better if you workout on your chest muscles. So here are some exercises for building chest muscles too.

Bench Presses


Lay with your back flat on the bench. Now lift a barbell from your chest untill your arms are straight. Then lower it and perform it again. If you are new and untrained please perform this exercise with a helper to avoid serious injury.

Increase Weight over Reps


Training yourself hard will ultimately make you more stronger.  So if your performing 10 reps with 5 pounds it will not give you more arm muscles. In this condition increase weight slowly with each rep try to train hard you arm muscles.

Boost Your Workout With Push-ups.



Push-ups are muscle storming exercise because in push-ups you target chest, back and ab muscle while building arm muscles. For push-ups see video below to perform them properly.

Eat Proper Diet


All the training and exercises are useless until you eat proper diet because growth of muscles only takes place if your body have enough nutrients. I said nutrients not junk food.  Your diet must have lean protein, carbs,  and good fats.  On other hands fruits and vegetables will enrich your body with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  Avoid sweet dishes.  Here are some food which I recommend to build arm muscles. For proteins eat chicken, turkey,fish, eggs, broccoli, spinach, tempeh, and seitan.  You can also add yogurt to your diet. For carbs whole grains, brown rice, oats, quinoa, starchy vegetables like yams and potatoes.Green and/or fibrous vegetables like broccoli, celery, peas, and so on are also good choices. For Fats Avocados, nuts, cheeses, and light, healthy oils (like canola and sunflower oil) can provide valuable energy and nutrients.

Leave Hunger Of Calories

If you are thinking to eat more and more calories to build muscles you are wrong. All calories are translated into body fats which may lead into a bizarre.

Stay Hydrated


Drink at least two liters of water every day. It will keep you energized and refreshed during workouts. You can also adjust amount of water depending on conditions e.g sweating.

Sleep Properly


Muscles are never built in gym or during workouts. They are build during rest. So for maximum muscle building give plenty of rest to your body to recover at exercises. Remember never overload you muscles again again your it may lead to severe injuries. The ideal sleep which is recommended in many resources in seven to nine hours each day.



Now these all are killer ways to build arm muscles fast. You got all the information to build muscles in arms. I hope this article have answered your question. If you have further confusion just comment below.

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