Build Muscle With Pushups 10 Super Easy Secrets

Your gym instructor might be asking you for several exercises. Those also including push-ups. But he never had told you to build muscle with pushups only. Normally push-ups are known for the strength of arms, but believe me its king of workouts. Push-ups will also build your core and lower back. Sounds easy. It’s not gonna be easy as you thought. 

According to experts of, if you want best results you must keep yourself properly aligned. If you have learned all basics, you must set new goals and challenges. For example, you can increase reps or increase the weight of your dumbbells. But if you want to build muscle with pushups, try my perfect methods.

Building Muscle With push-ups

There are too many ways of performing push-ups. Some of them are really crazy which you can enjoy, but if you are serious about building muscle without gym by only push-ups stretch up your body. Some push-up types will target different muscles in your upper body core and some will work on your chest and buts.
Here are Ten types of push-ups types that I perform when I get bored from the gym.

Diamond push-up

Diamond push-up
All newbies focus and do all efforts o build biceps, so I suggest you to start focusing on the backside of your arms. But keep in mind keep a balance, don’t overload because this muscle groups is much smaller and cannot handle more weight and may cause injuries. So it’s better to build muscle with pushups rather than weights.
To perform a diamond push-up, place your hands on the floor in front of your chest with your fingers and thumbs pressed together to form a diamond shape. Your legs should be extended straight behind you, as with any push-up. Lower your chest to the floor, then press yourself back into the starting position.

Spiderman Push-up
For building chest and arm muscles, this move is very important. These muscles are forced to work harder because it involves the movement of legs and shifts the weights to different areas. Men’s Fitness says this variation is like doing a crunch and a push-up at the same time.
For doing spiderman push-ups start in the standard push-up position, keep your hands planted firmly in front of your shoulders. As you go low to the floor, lift your right foot up and swing your knees to your right elbow. As you go back swing your leg back to starting position.
Clap push-up
According to Men’s Fitness clap-push-ups help to build explosive power when you are developing pectorals. Working on this group of muscles will strengthen chest and shoulders. It also reduces the risk of injury because all is to build muscle with pushups and not by weights.
It is s really difficult for me to explain this move via writing so see video below to perform this move properly. To build muscle with pushups.

Alternating Hand and Single Leg Push-up

This move helps to target your serratus anterior, a muscle that’s critical for maintaining proper posture. 
To do this start with plank position, with your hand in front of your shoulders. Start moving your left hand some inches from your right hand and lift your right leg up in the air. You must keep your ore tight and right leg steady, lower your chest to floor. Push yourself back and repeat it.
Push-up jack

Push-up jack

If you are working to build muscle with pushups never forget this workout. Time-crunched people frequently have trouble puzzling out if they are better off accompanying cardio or strength training, yet you truly need to incorporate both into your routine. Rather than selecting one or the other, look to moves like this intense push-up alternate that combines the two. Begin in the same plank position as you’d for a normal push-up. As you bring down your chest to the floor, jump your legs as wide as you can out to the sides. As you raise yourself back to the beginning position, jump your legs back collectively. Check out Very well for a diagram that illustrates the proper technique or check video below.

Feet elevated push-up


Feet elevated push-up

When you feel that standard push-ups start to get too easy, raising your feet higher will provide more of a challenge. performing this move is very similar to an incline bench press, so it’s a good choice for days when you can’t make it to the gym. To perform this exercise, you’ll need some sort of object that will raise your feel about 12 inches off the ground. From there, lower yourself into the regular push-up starting position. Keeping your forearms vertical, lower your chest to the ground, then return to the starting position.


Atomic push-ups

You do not require to force yourself to a meltdown to get through a set of atomic push-ups, but it may happen disregarding. Atomic push-ups add up a different level of complexness to the mix by having you hang your feet from a couple of straps, and doing the push-up. It is actually not all that complex — the alone twist that is been thrown into the blend is that your feet are in the straps, putting more weight on your upper-body.

Single-arm raised push-up

Whenever you actually prefer to throw a challenge into the blend, attempt exercising push-ups while keeping one arm raised outright ahead of you. You have likely attempted a one-handed push-up earlier, but you will commonly put the unused hand behind your back. Try holding it straight out in front of you as you go up and down. It will cause you to redistribute your weight and balance, while also doing a one-handed push-up — a challenge all on its own.

Pike push-up


Pike push-up

If you truly wish to get crazy, you can try out the pike push-up. This exercise is really meant to target your shoulders rather than your chest and needs that you assume a near-headstand position. You can really think of it as doing a push-up in the headstand position, though it can be performed with your lower body folded toward the floor. The goal is to build strength so that you can eventually do a headstand push-up and be the envy of all your friends.

Pseudo planche


The pseudo planche is often thought of as the most difficult push-up fluctuation you are able to exercise. It needs that you shift your hands and straighten your arms. When a few people bend their hands about 180 degrees so that your fingers point towards your feet. It may not look like more, but after you give it a shot, you’ll see what makes it so hard — you are engaging muscles you do not often utilise, and adding balance into the blend.
Ultimately, many people hope to be able to get their lower body completely off of the ground; You end up balancing completely on your hands and then performing the push-up. It’s incredibly difficult, and most people have enough trouble just holding themselves up in the air let alone performing the push-up.


The last piece of the puzzle is to rebuild the muscle that you damaged when exercising push-ups. In order to regain and build fresh muscle tissue, you need to eat protein. A 2004 study published in Nutrition 00100-5/abstract) suggests that you do not need much. Only 12 to 15 percent of your calories for the day need to come from protein in order to get the muscle-building benefits. Combining your push-up workout with proper nutrition will help you gain muscle mass in the main areas that the push-up works — the chest, shoulders and triceps. So this was the guide to build muscle with pushups.

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