20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Fastest Way To Build Muscle

Fastest Way To Build Muscle

Before finding Fastest Way To Build Muscle. If you see new and faster gains in  strength it doesn’t require heavy workout plans or a scientific diet plan. Small changes in your workout and diet plan can give you major results in a short period of time. For that you must have awareness that how to increase mass.

So if you are a skinny guy. Follow my advises and steps and make your strength building workout routine.
I know the pain when you feel that you eat all the time and there is nothing shown just bones. I also faced this problem and understand your feelings. However I saw many disappointed people who tried everything but failed. According to me they are lying to themselves. I know you have tried too many things but you have not tried right things.

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Here are my tips which will help you to gain weight, increase muscle mass and will guide you how to get stronger.

Consult Your Doctor

consult doctor befor workout

Before you start workouts and diets check if your body is compatible and can tolerate this change for this you must consult your doctor first, because you are following fastest way to build muscle mass.
Tell your doctor that why you want to do these things.
Tell him all the changes you will make in your lifestyle and diet.
Also ask him to tell you safe amount of weight to gain because gaining too much weight can also be harmful.

Set Your Goals

Hell yeah planning for everything is always better, before starting plan that you want to gain X pounds. Desire for strength will make your goals doable and strong. chose three exercises where you want improvements. I suggest one upper-body pull or chin-up
one upper body push just like that of bench press and last I suggest you to try Dead-lift Lower body exercise. After that just go to you normal routine.

Prepare your Mind

The term used for that is mind muscle connection, your body is completely dependent on your brain, so if you prepare your mind it will be helpful in muscle building workout routine. Here are some tips to do that.
1.After each workout check the groups you wanted to grow.
2. During weight lifting keep other hand on the muscle on which you are working out. Doing this will alarm your brain to focus on it.

Keep Record of your Food

Protiens for fastest way to build muscle.
Now you have set your strength goals, you have to be specific in everything in your training goals. Always keeps records and monitor your progress. You can keep records of proteins and your nutrition. It will be a lol if you are working hard but not eating enough calories your new muscles will not grow and you will never know how to do that. So, a food record always gives you a calculation of how much you are eating. So you can make adjustments if you see no progress or growth.
You have to write down everything you are eating and drinking. Also try to mention time too. If you are not gaining muscles after workout try to change your diet to enhance growth.

Muscle Mass Workout ( compound exercises)

compound exercises for fastest way to build muscle
In my opinion best workouts are compound exercises. These are exercises that work on more than one joint. These exercises include Dead-lift, press squat row and chin-up. These exercises worked fine for me.
Compound exercises gain a bunch of muscle mass fast, it makes training much efficient and releases hormones such as testosterone which is responsible for promoting growth and helps you to gain muscle weight.
You can also try curls and leg extensions. These are good but treat them as minor part of your workout as they do not play important role in your workout routine.

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Take Rest Between Workouts

Some people have fast metabolism rate, for them rest is very important. Because it takes time for muscles to grow without burning much calories or burden. Always take rest between workouts so that your body might takes its time to repair itself.

Changing Your Sleeping Habits 

Good sleeping habits for muscle building
This world plays a game of balance so, if you workout more you need more rest. If your routine is sleeping eight hours per night try to increase it to ten hours per night. You can control your sleep time by deciding the time when you go to bed and at how much time you set your alarm. To avoid disturbance record your TV show.

Drink Shake between Breaks

Nutrition before and after workout play a very important role in building muscles fast. So during your training keep a shake with yourself which contains proteins and carbs. Nutrition between workout will increase your energy to workout more and more. But keep in mind never upset your stomach. Start with a lighter shake of 25g protein and 35g Carbs.

Workout Strategy

If you again ask me that how to gain muscle mass fast I will suggest you a workout strategy. Bodybuilding programs are split to workout on each part once or twice a week. It simply means there will be gap for each workout. For instance if you can lift weight on two to three times a week, try to switch to a full body workout with much protein. Always try to workout with your entire body. In this manner you will work on each muscle group thrice a week.
But if you are working out for four days a week do lower and upper split where you workout twice on each muscle group a week.
In other words always start from low>moderate that high so you body should tolerate the change and your body gets more and more strength.
Here is the plan that I prefer.
Monday: Whole Body
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Whole Body
Thursday: Off
Friday: Whole Body
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off

Workout To Gain Leg Muscles

As mentioned earlier everything looks great with balance, so if you are growing your arms and chest but not legs it will look awful. The other reason is heavy lower body exercises just like dead-lift have too much effect on all of your strength development even on your upper body muscles.
The main reason for this is these muscles are connected everywhere in back and in shoulders too. These exercises also release hormones which are responsible for strength and growth.

At Home Exercises

Do push-ups for arms and chest. Push-ups play a very important role in home workouts. For doing push-ups your palms should be more wider than your shoulders, do incline and decline push-ups for better muscle growth.
To do incline push-ups keep you arms on a table to get yourself angled.
For Decline push-ups place your feet above your hands about 3 feet.

muscle mass workout

Stand on your hands to build shoulder and back muscles.To do this keep your hands on ground and stand with help of wall then do push-ups.
The other option is doing arm dips. Take a table, place your arms on table and keep your but up in air. Do arm dips again and again.
Doing planks which will help you to workout on all of your muscles.

muscle mass workout

Wall sitting also helps a lot in building your strength. For wall sitting sit down on your knees keep your back on wall for balancing. Knees should be bent at 90 degrees. Keep your butt in air. You have to be in this position for one minute then one minute rest. Repeat wall sits at least two times to for better results.

muscle mass workout.

Include Yoga In you workout routine. While working on larger muscle group doing yoga acts like a boost. Session in which you are easy and calm during rest days can push more strength to your body for future workout. Now for learning yoga do not spend even a single penny, because YouTube is full of yoga courses which you may watch and learn.

muscle mass workout.

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Never Avoid Eating

protein to build muscle

As you know you need more and more protein to gain muscle so never avoid eating. Even in your off days when you are not working out because in these days most of recovery and growth of new muscles takes place. Its very important if you want fastest way to build muscles. Always take more and more nutrients.
keep in mind that in your off days you can decrease intake of carbs slightly. This is only because you don’t need energy when you are not working out, but keep your protein intake must be high even more than 500 calories. This is how you can gain muscle mass fast. Here I suggest you to eat five time daily and never wait for hunger.

Take Supplements (Optional)

During building muscles fast supplements will also help you. You can also take supplements to accelerate growth but never rely on them. Supplement that I prefer has not show any harm to the body. You can take Creatine it’s a protein supplement which have helped me to build more strength. I can be mixed with water and taken twice or thrice a day.

Stay hydrated

Workouts can dry your body quickly. You must take water with you during workouts and drink water when you feel thirsty. Never drink carbonated drinks or alcohol. Ideally drink 3 liters of water daily.

Carbs Intake Strategy (The Fat Fear)

Low carbs diets are always used to loose weight, but you are doing completely opposite of that so to be mascular, you must not be afraid of having a little fat. The only care is you should eat clean food which help you to grow but not too much or less. Again balance :P.
In my advice you must include carbs in before and after workout meals. Drink shake during workouts. After that you can set your carbs intake depending on your growth and goals.
Here is the diet plan that I prefer
Breakfast at 7am – oats, raisins, yoghurt, milk
Snack at 10am – mixed nuts, banana
Lunch at 1pm – chicken, pasta, Parmesan
Snack at 4pm – dried fruits
Dinner at 7pm – steak with potatoes

List Of Foods Filled with Calories

You can eat Walnuts, Almonds peanut butter,raisins, dates prunes, milk, yogurt, cheese, pasta, rice oats, bread,chicken coconut,potatoes, beef and fish to gain more and more calories.

Check Your Weight Regularly

how to gain muscle weight.jpg

Planning is everything so if you are finding fastest way to gain muscle mass check your weight regularly. Checking your weight weekly enables you to keep an eye on your growth and maintaining workouts and diets.

Best time to check weight

You have to weigh your self at-least once in a week on the same day. The perfect time is after bathroom and before eating meal. Now if you see increase in weight it means you are gaining muscles. The perfect weight gain is a half pound per week. It will prevent fat growth too. You can also stand before mirror to check if you are getting stronger or fatty.



I think I have included all important exercises and diets to which provide you fastest way to gain muscle mass. The basic thing which you have to check and take care is protein intake, because no protein = no growth. Again if you face any problem during your your workout you can comment below I will help you out in solving your problem. Follow me and gain muscle mass fast. To be strong guy. This is all about how to build strengh.

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