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Being away from gym in busy routine or having no control on diet never means that you can not doworkout. Again you must have the question How To Build Muscle Without Weights or gym. I am here to train you and clarify all your problems.In this article I will tell you fastest way to build strength mass without weights.

I live in a town where I miss gym and heavy iron weights, but I didn’t gave up and continued to be stronger and muscular. Only you have to understand that how to use your body weight and commonly available equipment’s.  You will be amazed how I Built my Muscle Without Weights by just using my body weight and simple stuff. So lets get started.

How To Build Muscle Without Weights


Using body weight in workout builds strength, burns fat and makes you more flexible.

It is very unfortunate that many people think that body weight training is not enough and rely on high reps. But as I stated that body-weight training alone is more effective than gym training. Here is the reason behind this.

In building muscle mass you need place muscles under pressure with the help of some resistance. High rep training hardly include this thing.

So to make body-weight training perfect for building training, you just have to pressurize your muscles in the same way you do in gym. In this manner you can workout easily.

The basic idea is you have to progressively overload your muscles . Means increasing pressure with the lapse of time. If you don’t overload muscles they will not grow and become stronger.

To build muscle without weights you have to take your to a maximum pressure extent by doing increasingly hard body-weight exercises just like increasing weights in gym.

In process to Build Muscle Without Weights you have start with simple body weight exercises. It takes time to move on to complex exercises link one hand push-ups but its again fastest way to build muscle without weights.
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Best Bodyweight Exercises


build muscle without weights

Pullup is a home exercise to build muscle without weights. All body weight exercises are measured by pullups. Even it is suggested by famous weight lifters that doing pullups will workout on all muscles of your body. So if you want to Build Muscle Without Weights pullup must be your hobby, if not make it your hobby. Its also proved by science that pullup applies tension to all muscles of you body.


Perform pushup


When you perform pushups the size and strength of chest, shoulders and triceps muscles happens. Start with normal pushups. After normal pushup raise one of your feet in air and do pushups. Keep in mind that your hands should be closer together to work on triceps and shoulders. To work on chest keep your hands wider.

Perform dips

Dips to build muscle

I have already told you that we will use common equipment. Take two chairs while performing dips. Dips are most effective compound exercise to Build Muscle Without Weights, it is so because you lift your whole body while performing dips. It means more work is done on your muscles and more growth will take place.

Perform crunches

How to perform Crunches

Crunches effectively work on your abs. You need someone to hold your feet. One amazing fact about crunches is that crunches are safer and effective but they are harder to do properly.

Run or jog

Running and jogging are very effective workouts for your breathing, leg muscles and arm muscles. They also build density of lower bones. If you are working out to loose weight you will get much better shape by running and jogging. I don’t think running or jogging both are hard, both are easy as fart.

Do Swimming

Swimming is great to build muscle without weights because water supports any weight and you can do a lot of exercise without becoming too warm. Swimming works on your bicep, arm and leg muscles most effectively and it’s a good workout to Build Muscle Without Weights.


In this busy routine everyone uses cars not his feet or legs. Walk can do magics if you start with it. It will enhance the muscle growth when you are trying to Build Muscle Without Weights.
Dance to music
I don’t think you will reject this muscle mass workout. You know better that dancing work on most of your muscles. To start dancing just turn on your radio and move with beats.
These were all basic muscle mass workouts to get stronger but now we are adding complex or compound exercises in your muscle building workout routine to gain more muscle weight. In start you have to work on your upper body and core. For working on upper body and core I suggest following exercises.
Do incline push-ups as they work on different muscle heads. To do them place your arms on a small table in sense that you are angled up and perform push-ups.
Do decline push-ups. For doing them place your feet 1-2 feet above your hands and then perform push-ups.

Do handstands


Handstands build muscle mass of your shoulders and back. It commonly called multi-muscle workout. To do handstands get support of a wall, plant your hands on ground and the get your feet slowly up in the air. Keep balance of your body with the help of wall and toes. Do ten reps of this exercises.

Perform planks

Planks do workout on your entire core and they are easy to do too. To do plank get in push-up position but instead of your palms place your forearms on ground. Make your but muscles tight and keep your spine straight. Hold this position for one minute then rest and then do it two more times.

Perform crunches


Crunches are best way to Build Muscle Without Weights. Crunches increase muscle mass of your abs and core. In my opinion you should make crunches necessary in your muscle building workout routine. To perform crunches lay on ground with your back, bent your knees and plant your feet. Support your neck with hands. Now raise your shoulder up up-to 10″ from ground hold for 2 seconds then go back. Be slow and relax in crunches.


 Perform Curls


Curls are best for muscle resistance to gain muscle mass fast. To perform curls you need some weight like a gallon, a block or something which have some weight then perform following.

1. Bicep Curls

2. Triceps workout

3. Shoulder raises

4. Bent Over Rows

bent over rows workout

Six Exercises For Perfect legs

I suggest you six exercises by which you can powerful leg muscles. Perform each exercise for 60 seconds. Take rest for 30 seconds and then do next exercise. After finishing all six exercises, take rest for 5 minutes and then start over. Repeat it 2-3 times. It will be painful for your legs but will shape your legs perfectly if you want to Build Muscle Without Weights.
Here are these six exercises
Jumping jacks




Burpees — do a jumping jack, then drop into a push-up. Repeat.
High Knees — bouncing from toe to toe lift each knee as high as possible. You want to touch the floor as little as possible.
Lateral Jumps — jump to one side, landing on one foot, knee bent, then explode back and onto the other foot.
Oblique twists
Box jumps or simple plyometric workouts.

Do wall sits

Wall sits help a lot in fastest way to build muscle without weights. To do wall sit keep your back pressed with wall to balance yourself, sit down in the position so that your knees are bent at 90 degrees. Keep your but hanged in air. Keep this position for one minute. Repeat two more times after a rest of 30 seconds.

Perform Squats

Squats are quite simple to perform. For performing squats, stand with your feet hip-width apart, back straight, head up, bracing your core. Put your hands on your hips or straight out in front of you, whatever is more comfortable. Lower yourself down into a squat as if you were about to sit in a chair. You want to keep your spine straight and your knees right above your toes, not leaning forward. Focus on dropping your butt. Do this 10 times, then do another 2 sets after a short a rest.
Perform Donkey Kicks
Sit on your knees with the support of hands then kick one leg up, keep the angle of 90 degrees. Repeat this for 12-15 times for each leg.

Glute Bridges

Lie on floor bent your knees, keep your feet on floor. Lift your glutes up to form a bridge. Now lift your leg up, keep hips also up and then lower your leg. Repeat 10 times for each leg.

Perform lunges

To build a muscular butt, hip lunges are perfect. To perform lunges step one foot 3 feet in front of you, keep but low and be bent for 90 degrees. Then send one step back in the same way. Perform 10 lunges for both front and back.

Schedule your Workout routine

You don’t need any trainer to make your workout routine. I will tell you some secrets by which you can make you muscle mass workout routines.
Allow 1-2 days of rest between same muscle workouts.
Group similar muscle group for workouts
Always avoid hard physical activity during workout days.
Always work smartly not hardly that’s how to gain muscle mass fast.

Final Words.

Here I have discussed all the muscle mass workout by which you can build muscle without weights. You don’t need any trainer, gym or something else which needs  a lot of money and time.  Also take plenty of protein to build muscle.  Also you should be regular in your muscle building workout routine. Do yoga in rest days to enhance the muscle growth too.


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