How To Get Stronger From Basic To Advanced

If you ask me how to get stronger and muscular, I will not suggest you just one burdened workout, but it’s a complete plan which I will discuss here. Working on the body without knowledge or plans will ultimately hurt you and make your body weaker than before. What you have to do to get stronger is to stick on your plan and tone your body slowly either working out at gym or home. Sometimes it’s quick and sometimes it takes time. So, it’s safe for you to grow and tone your muscles slowly and naturally.

So, are you ready are you ready to find out limitations of your body? If you have tried some exercises which didn’t work its time to make some changes to build muscle and get stronger.  It’s very important to set your goals and challenge yourself, you have to tone each and every muscle, take proper nutrition. Although it takes time and effort it works.

Using Perfect Workout Strategy

Only this step is responsible for your failure or success. I have seen many silly boys trying too much bodybuilding exercises badly, but there is always a difference between a boy and strong man. Believe me getting stronger is a skill and it involves an understanding of mind muscle connections. 
For example, if you practice a technique again and again and master it, your nervous system will order your muscles to work out perfectly.

Training To Failure Strategy

When your aim is to gain strength your workouts must not be easy. Actually, in the start you should perform weight lifting, pulling and pushing weights until you are tired. If you are not tired after each workout it means you are not putting proper stress on your muscles. 
Training to failure term is used by bodybuilding experts which means pushing yourself to a maximum extent while doing a workout until you are unable to perform reps. This strategy puts more stress on your muscles to break and rebuild.

Increase Weight With time

When your body adopts to lift certain amount of weight. It’s time to add more weight to continue challenging your body. Now it depends on you when to add more weight or simply when you feel easy to lift that weight just increase it. By increasing weights I never mean to increase 50 pounds at once, add 5 pounds at each step.
Remember if you don’t attempt to add weight to the bar at every training session, then your body has nothing to adapt to.

Warm Up With Resistance Training

Some exercises like running and swimming are very good for cardio and blood circulation. But again weight lifting is fundamental part which makes you stronger. Cardio exercises should be performed at a small extent to warm up. 

Train every muscle group

In my training sessions I have seen some people working out only one specific muscle group. The best idea is to workout on each muscle group in your body. For example if you have a strong core it will help you bench press more weight with your arms. Being able to lift heavier weights with your arms will give your legs a better workout. All the muscle groups in your body work together, and it’s important to give them equal attention.
Beware don’t workout on all muscle group on same day. Distribute days, for example if you focus on your arms one day, next day give break to your arms and workout on core or legs. This important for healing and preventing injury to your muscles.

Take Adequate Rest

Muscles aren’t build during your workouts they are built when you take rest. It’s essential for rebuilding and recovering all small injuries to take adequate rest. 
On your “off” days, it’s fine to go for a run, a bike ride, or do some other type of exercise to keep yourself moving and relax your muscles.
how to get stronger


Exercises For All Muscle Groups


After the strategy you should master these exercises which I have described below. Remember its the only answer of how to get stronger. If you do not master these exercises you will fail.


 The basic squat, and its many variations, is an excellent exercise for building muscle in the legs, gluts and abs. The simple motion of bending your knees to drop your body toward the ground while keeping your back upright, then raising yourself up again is just as effective as using fancy exercise equipment to work out the same muscles. Try the following squat variations:
The basic squat. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your back upright. Bend your knees and lower your butt until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Raise back up to starting position, with your knees aligned vertically above your feet. You can hold dumbbells or a barbell to make the exercise more challenging; aim to do 3 sets of 10 squats.
The box squat. Stand in front of an exercise box or chair. Hold either dumbbells or a barbell at your chest. Lower yourself to a sitting position, hold for a moment, then raise back up to standing position.
The back squat. For this one you’ll need a squat rack, which has a bar connected to weights that you move as you squat. Stand under the squat bar and grip the bar with your palms facing outward. As you squat, pull the bar with you either behind your head or at your chest. Squat until your thighs are parallel with the ground, then move back to starting position.

Push ups and chin ups

Lifting and pulling your own weight can go a long way toward building muscle. The basic push up and chin up are invaluable exercises you can do with very little equipment. Increase their difficulty by adding reps or affixing weights to your legs. Do these simple, effective exercises to work out your biceps and triceps, as well as your core.
The push up. Stretch out face-down on the floor or an exercise mat. Place your palms on either side of your body next to your armpits. Use your arms to lift your body so that your shoulders, stomach and legs are no longer touching the ground; only your toes and your hands should be touching it. Lower yourself to the ground and repeat to failure.
The chin up. For this exercise you’ll need a chin up bar. Stand below the bar and grip the bar with your palms facing outward. Use your arms to lift your body toward the bar until your chin is above the top of the bar, crossing your feet behind you to keep them off of the ground. Lower yourself until your arms are straight, then repeat to failure.


Dead-lifting is simply bending over to lift a weight, straightening up, then bending back over. It’s an excellent exercise for your hamstrings, abs, and back muscles. With dead-lifting, it’s important to use the proper form and the right amount of weight for your strength level – otherwise, you might strain your back. Try these exercises:
The barbell deadlift. Stand in front of a barbell loaded with the amount of weight you can lift 10-15 or so times before failure occurs. Bend at the knees and grip the barbell with both hands. Stand upright, then bend your knees and repeat. Gradually increase the amount of weight and decrease the amount of reps as you build strength.
The straight leg dead-lift. Stand in front of an exercise ball, a barbell, or a set of dumbbells. Keeping your legs straight, bend at the waist and grip the weights with both hands. Holding the weights straight in front of your body, straighten up to a standing position; your arms should be stretched out in front of you holding the weights. Lower the weights down to starting position and repeat. Begin with a limited range of motion and slowly build up to the full dead-lift.

Bench press

Bench pressing is an important way to gain strength in your arms, and pectoral muscles. To bench weight, you’ll need a barbell and an exercise bench. Load the barbell with the amount of weight you can bench about 8 times per set. Slowly add weights if possible in a period of time. Use the following technique to bench press the weight:
Lie back on the exercise bench. Your knees should be bent over the edge, and your feet should be resting comfortably on ground.
Start with the barbell close to your chest, then lift it toward the ceiling, straightening your arms.
Bend your arms to bring the barbell back to your chest, then repeat.
Rack the bar and add more weight for the next set.

Planks and crunches

If you’re looking for strength-building exercises that don’t require equipment, planks and crunches are for you. These exercises focus on your abs, and they’re easy to do anytime, anywhere.
Do the plank. Lie face-down on the floor with your elbows bent and your palms next to your armpits. Lift your body upward as though you were going to do a pushup. Keep your arms straight and hold the position for 30 seconds or more before lowering back to the ground, then rest and repeat.
Do crunches. Lie on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. “Crunch” your body into a semi-seated position by using your ab muscles to lift your head and shoulders forward, keeping your arms crossed over your chest. Lower your head back toward the floor, then repeat. You can increase the difficulty of this exercise by holding a dumbbell close to your chest.

Change Towards a Healthy Lifestyle

Your lifestyle has a much bigger effect on your muscle building. For example if you want to get stronger but avoiding calories and proteins will make you more and more weak if you workout. So below are some tips for you.

Eat More and More Calories

Workouts burn your calories. It’s much important to eat sufficient amount of calories to provide fuel for your muscle growth. But not all foods are good you can eat loads of fruits and vegetables, fish, eggs, and lean meat, whole grains, and healthy oils and fats and avoid sugar, processed flours, salty snack foods, fried foods, and foods packaged with additives and preservatives.

Stay Hydrated

Drink at least two liters of water every day to make your body hydrated. You must avoid pre-packed energy drinks. As their replacement try home made lemon juice.

Creatine supplements

Creatine is an amino acid that is naturally produced by the body to make muscles bigger and stronger. If you take the correct dosage, you may see improvements in your muscle tone more quickly.
Creatine comes in powdered form, and must be mixed with water in order to activate.


So this was the answer to your question “How To get Stronger”. I have discussed all the important things for you to be stronger like Hercules. You can suggest or criticize me in comments section below.

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